October discounts are active

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Use the code REDOCTOMBRIE in your shopping cart and activate the following discounts

10% on products from the BOXES category
5% on products from the ARTIFICIAL BOUQUET category
5% on products from the ARTIFICIAL HEADS category FUNERAL subcategory

The offer is valid between 04.10.2022 - 31.10.2022 within the limit of available stock.

8 years anniversary and the history of a field

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An integral part of a family business that goes through the history of 3 generations, the online store " Ambalaje Flori Online" was launched on May 7, 2014 and this month celebrates 8 years of existence in the digital environment.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of marketing flower products, from dried plants to decorative accessories and floral packaging, www.afo.ro has reached milestones in terms of results that highlight its leading status in its segment market.

The figures are the result of teamwork and mathematically convey a form of gratitude for the constant effort to offer quality, utility and competitive prices in a field in which " Ambalaje Flori Online " carries out its activity uninterruptedly.

With an organically built sales policy by offering the best products and services available for the online store, " Ambalaje Flori Online " provides a diverse range of products and covers decorative options for any event category.

The experience of the founders of the company from Bacău speaks for itself in the general approach of the overview, the decisions regarding the promotion and marketing of the products offered in multiple ways being a very important element.

The openness to expanding into foreign markets and the position of direct importer of several factories abroad unquestionably strengthen the company's status and draw the boundaries of long-term cooperation to its customers.

Present to customers with a wide range of flower products, the company's founders successfully sell products from the range of flower packaging and floral accessories, artificial flowers, cryogenic plants, flower heads, satin rolls, rabant, cellophane, nets, lace , bolts, pliers, sprays, boxes, pots, vases, candles, domes, soap roses, dried plants, lichens, organza rolls and even decorative sticks .

With the desire to be with all customers who come to the site in search of items for gifts, " Ambalaje Flori Online " also offers products in the category of birthday accessories such as greeting cards, gift bags and balloons, vases and baskets of different dimensions, completing the offer also available with ceramic, tin or plastic pots.

Among the benefits of the anniversary watch, " Ambalaje Flori Online " emphasizes the free shipping accessible for orders over 300 lei, the possibility of making secure online payments and proportional discounts for all products sold.

Present on the market since 1992 and with unquestionable experience in the field of marketing floral products and more, " Ambalaje Flori Online " tells the story of the success gained through sustained work, of a team determined to offer its customers the highest standard of quality and sets anniversary watch new goals to be achieved.

Ready to constantly adapt to the needs of consumers and to expand its product portfolio in line with market requirements, the Bacău brand reiterates its promise to strengthen its position without altering the quality of the services offered.

It maintains its diversity, versatility, timeliness and excellent value for money with respect to the products sold, following a generational recipe: respect for the customer must be present in every activity undertaken.

Anchored actively in the present, with strong roots in the past and optimistic about the future, the representatives of " Ambalaje Flori Online " would like to thank all their customers and collaborators for their loyalty and invite them to celebrate together the 8 years of growth and multilateral development of the online store. associated with the company.

Between 02.05.2022 - 30.05.2022 use the code AFO8 for an 8% discount on any order on https://www.afo.ro

Direction and Editing: Marius TRANDAFIR - maximsite.ro

Video: CSART FILM - csart.ro

Sound: Traian BRANDUSOIU

Location: Bacau Florist

About Valentines Day and roses

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But why is that? What do roses and Valentine have in common? And what kind of roses should you stock up on to prepare for a successful Valentines? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history of roses and Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day story

The first Valentine's Day has been celebrated since 496. There are many legends and myths around, but we will probably never discover the exact story behind the origin of Valentine's Day. What we do know is that Valentine's Day, as we know it, became popular through the Golden Legend, a book that was composed in the fourteenth century about Christian holidays and celebrations. Nowadays we celebrate love in general on February 14th, and not just "anonymous love". Lovers, couples and even friends express their love for each other with cards, gifts and flowers.

So ... What's wrong with roses and Valentine?

Offering roses for Valentine's Day probably dates back to the late 17th century, when King Charles II of Sweden went on a trip to Persia. In Persia, Charles discovered the art of communicating with flowers, without using words. When he introduced this art to Europe, it became a fashion, and flower lists and their meanings became widespread. A yellow carnation, for example, meant that the recipient had disappointed its sender. And the red rose, of course, was the symbol of love. And where did the Rose get this symbolic meaning? For this, we must go back in time and further. In Greek mythology, where the Rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and her boyfriend Adonis. When Adonis was killed by a wild boar, Aphrodite wept bitterly over her death. It is said that the rose bushes grew where her tears and Adonis' blood touched the ground. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending (in part): Adonis was brought back to life by Zeus. But because Persephone, the goddess of fertility and the dead, also asked for love, it was decided that Adonis would spend six months in her world for every six months spent with Aphrodite.

Suggestions of roses for Valentine's Day

Before we head back to Rose , you're probably looking for some more inspiration to add to your Valentine's Day stock. We have selected 11 interesting roses to use!

Roses recommended for Valentines Day 2021

Whether the tradition comes from Swedish King Charles or from two goddesses arguing over the same lover, the Red Rose has been a symbol for Valentine's Day for centuries. Of course, different colors of roses have different meanings and could be an excellent gift for Valentine's Day. However, red is the color of passion and love and by far the most popular. And fortunately, there are a lot of different varieties to choose from! Here you can see a selection of just a few of our personal favorites of all time.

1. The Freedom Rose - Tall, strong and beautiful. This is a fantastic rose to use in centerpieces.
2. Madam Red Rose - Elegant, elegant and romantic is what breathes this kind of rose.
3. Black Baccara Rose - This intense red rose with an almost satiny look.
4. Rose Rubicon Spray Rose - A rose with large flower heads that open wonderfully.
5. Rose Rose Upper Class - A very luxurious looking rose, perfect for any occasion!
6. Rose Spray Rose Fire Flash - Rose red is mixed with yellow stripes.
7. Mirabel Rose Spray Rose - If you are looking for a very elegant red rose, this is a serious option!
8. Ever Red Rose - Show your eternal love with this fantastic rose variety.
9. El Toro Rose - The petals of this rose look like the curtain used in Spanish bullfights.
10. Cryogenic Rose Heart XXL - It's amazing! This preserved rose is transformed into a heart onto show supreme love.
11. Red Naomi Rose - The most famous of the red roses cannot be missing from our list.

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The packaging challenge contest is back!

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This time Santa also challenges us.

Send us your video, how to make a floral arrangement with a Christmas theme and you can win one of the 10 vouchers worth 200 lei.

- The products used must not be unparalleled from us
- You don't have to explain to us what or why you did, your video can be without sound
- It doesn't matter the colors, the sizes ... Just show us your work and the final product. It doesn't matter what you create as long as you show us all your steps
- Considering that they are all beautiful, we will robotically extract 10 winners from the total number of participants
- To participate you must fill in the form from the link below
https: //www.ambalajeflorionlin ...

You can also send video files and information to concurs@afo.ro
You can use any means of sending the videos that are at hand, but for the participation to be complete, it is necessary to fill in the form above.

-You don't have to be a video professional to create a video, use your mobile phone
-To make the video file easy to transmit, you can make several videos that we will paste

Deadline for participation 27.10.2021

Some of the videos participating in the contest will be published on our youtube page at https: //www.youtube.com/channe ...
Participation in the contest implicitly means your agreement to publish them.

Good luck!

Christmas gift wrapping in 2021

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Wrapping Christmas presents: the holiday is near and you are most likely thinking of gifts for your loved ones.

You are already worried because you have no gift ideas and you are not happy with gift wrapping either. Remember that it is an occasion for joy and not an occasion for stress.

In addition, we are here to help you with Christmas accessories starting from boxes , cellophane and textile rolls so that you can prepare the most beautiful gifts.

Gift wrapping doesn't even seem to exist. Most people think that it is enough that they have bought gifts and can put them in gift bags .

The process of wrapping gifts is really important and will convey the idea that those people are important to you.

You will definitely impress but if you are out of ideas, we bring you some examples to help you.

Gift wrapping - simple options that bring a smile to anyone's face.

First of all, try to give Christmas presents that will be useful to those who receive them.

Then, the main aspect is related to the size and shape of the gift.

If it has a rectangular shape, then it is handy to pack it.

You can choose a cellophane or a lace net with different Christmas motifs in which to wrap the gift.

You will catch it carefully using adhesive tape and you will catch the package with a lace roll or glitter roll , especially since it will bring added value from an aesthetic point of view.

If you have several products, for example natural soaps or a set of LED candles, you can pack them nicely in a lacy net and then put them in a purse box with handles .

You can also use round boxes with different motifs or you can put them in a natural basket with branches underneath that will start the lace net that you will tie. Use a textile roll with Christmas ornaments.

A special ready-packed gift that you will impress with and that you can offer when you visit acquaintances is a set of 14 deluxe globes .

Gift wrapping is not complicated and in order not to look too much, we offer you a wide range of Christmas accessories. Visit our store and choose what you like.

All about Licheni decor or Cladonia Stellaris

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Reindeer lichen is harvested and produced by artisans in the field and is used in various ways in the floral and art industry.

The particularly unique, rich and untouched nature of the island has a significant significance for the company in the form of lichen called Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia Stellaris). The company's patrimony in terms of muscle use stretches over 80 years; its owner is the third generation entrepreneur in the muscle sector. All phases of the entire production chain are completed manually.

The term "muscle" is commonly used to describe this material, but it is an incorrect term from a scientific perspective. Reindeer lichen is the right term and is botanically called Cladonia Stellaris. Lichen is made up of fungi, algae and grows without roots or leaves.

Reindeer lichen grows only in environments where the air is free or limited by pollution. The annual rate of production for commercial use is limited, so it is a very rare species. The lichen can grow up to 18cm - 25cm, but it takes about 25 years to get it. Under optimal conditions, lichen grows at a rate of 3-5 mm per year.

Preserved flowers typically use glycerin and preservatives to dry the material and are estimated to retain color and texture for about 3-5 years. Reindeer lichen, on the other hand, resists and retains its color indefinitely due to the porous and hygroscopic structure of the species. Unlike canned flowers, reindeer lichen is able to remain soft by absorbing the surrounding moisture.

Removing reindeer lichen from its habitat or its natural conservation causes the loss of growth capacity. However, unlike other preserved plants, it maintains its ability to remove substances and deodorize the atmosphere, due to its hygroscopic nature. Left alone, reindeer lichen will go through a soft and hard texture phase throughout the season, depending on the surrounding humidity.

The natural color of reindeer lichen is light gray, but it is colored using different natural pigments during preservation. The color paint is completely safe and compliant with purity with German BfR IX, European Resolution AP (89) 1, EU Directive 94/62 / EC and CONEG.

Some parts of the lichen may not have uniform colors. This is due to the lichen that has been exposed to the soil and sunlight while in its natural habitat.

Canned reindeer lichen does not grow, so watering is not necessary. The hygroscopic property allows the lichen to remain soft using the surrounding moisture. Direct contact with water must be avoided at all times. When the preserved reindeer lichen comes in contact with water, the lichen will lose its hygroscopic properties and harden.

Dust particles adhere to surfaces due to static electricity, but reindeer lichen is by nature anti-static, preventing dust from adhering. Dust deposition as a result of gravitational forces can be removed with an air blower.

It is not as efficient as a conventional electric dehumidifier / humidifier. Preserved reindeer lichen absorbs or emits moisture from the surroundings, but with limits. Continuous removal or exudation of moisture is not possible.

In addition to natural aesthetics, preserved reindeer lichen is flame retardant, has the ability to reduce ambient noise levels, deodorize odors by removing harmful substances such as ammonia, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

Mold and insects cannot grow or form a habitat in or on reindeer lichen preserved due to salinity.

The scent is a combination of Cladonia Stellaris (reindeer lichen), minerals and natural pigments.

Gift card for shopping at Ambalaje Flori Online

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We present the introduction of gift cards for shopping at Ambalaje Flori Online

The gift card has multiple uses.
As in other online or physical stores, it can be used to pay for purchases.
In the case of online stores, the gift card is often used as a code delivered by email or physically on paper sent by courier.
The card can be purchased for any amount between 1 lei and 4999 lei.

Its advantages:

- The cards are transferable (Can be given to a loved one).
- Can be used fractionally (Can be used several times, until its value is exhausted).
- Also usable for transport payment.
- Anytime, anything (valid unlimited and for any product).


You can also use the card for yourself as an investment.
Suppose you have a budget now and you have an order, but at the same time you are waiting for a product to return to stock. You can also add a gift card to your order to use in the future to make it easier for you.

You probably forgot to buy something, let's say you only need wire or a single box and your shopping cart is only 35 Lei or 80 Lei. Add a gift card to meet the amount of 100 Lei, it will surely be useful in the future for the examples below.


Purchases of 130 Lei, using a card worth 200 Lei results in a payment of 0 (ZERO LEI) and a remaining 70 Lei valid on the same gift card code.

Shopping worth 139.96 Lei, using a card worth 70 Lei, you still have a remaining payment of 69.96 Lei. Yes ... you got it right. In case of using gift cards, you can pay less than 100 Lei or nothing.


You can only buy a gift card without any other product. You can give this to a loved one who you know has a great need for our products.

In case of purchasing a gift card through the RAMBURS system, call us to activate it when you want. If you purchased it by paying with a BANK or PAYPAL CARD then you will receive the ready activated card.

You can buy a gift card here , or you will always find it in the footer (bottom) of any page of our online store.

Useful guide for online shopping

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For beginners but also useful for the most experienced

Valid during periods with increased order flow and more

Brexit procedure

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Due to the factual exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, all trade procedures in and into the United Kingdom will be carried out according to the criteria of extra-Community import-export. Consequently, starting with December 21, 2020, the shipments to the United Kingdom will be suspended and will be resumed on 04.01.2021 according to the new criteria. Shipments to the United Kingdom will only be possible to legal entities (companies). We partially reproduce below the press release of the transport company

Export to United Kingdom

1. Starting with December 21, 2020 - The 2303 Classic International Road Service to Great Britain will no longer be a public service and will no longer exist in the DPD public offer.

2. Tariff for customs formalities (export customs declaration leaving the EU + import customs declaration in the UK) - 50 RON / package. They will be automatically invoiced from SLD for each package shipped to the UK.

3. After Brex, each consignment to the UK must necessarily be accompanied by a commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice in 3 copies issued by the sender to recipient package.

Commercial invoice - when the contents of the package are subject to sale and the Pro-Forma invoice is if the contents of the package are not subject to sale.

The invoice or Pro-forma must contain the following mandatory data:

- Invoice number

- Invoice date

- Recipient data - company name, address, including local and country postcode, contact person, telephone and e-mail (information is required and must be correct - in the absence of batch DPD UK will not be able to contact the recipient for payment customs duties)

- Sender details - company name, address, including local and country postal code, contact person, telephone and e-mail

- Full description of the content by articles, their quantity and value, as well as the currency (EUR, USD, GBP)

- EORI number of the consignor and consignee in the United Kingdom

the VAT number of the recipient in the United Kingdom

4. Invoices must be issued in 3 copies and must be placed outside the package in a plastic envelope for documents, next to the envelope with the awb. A copy remains for DPD RO for further processing of documents. The other 2 copies remain in the envelope outside the package until the final destination.

5. No invoice is required for document parcels, and there are no additional fees and taxes in the UK. For content other than "Documents", there are taxes and duties under UK customs legislation (VAT is paid for each package - except documents - regardless of its value).

6. The customer is fully responsible for the documents and data completed in the accompanying invoices. These data are very important for the customs clearance and delivery of the package. If information is missing from the invoice, we will be charged with penalties that we will re-invoice to customers, and the package will be automatically returned to the sender without any possibility of additional information. Mandatory details and all conditions for sending parcels to the UK will be visible on our website.

7. In case of lack of accompanying documents or invoice data, the package will be returned immediately from Chronopost FR (the place where the export customs will be made) to DPD Romania without the option to add the missing data. The return will be invoiced according to the initial awb rate.

8. It is forbidden to send to the United Kingdom packages with gift content, packaged or unpackaged food, liquids, alcohol, cigarettes and all objects and substances from the list of prohibited content published on the website of DPD Romania.

9. All fees and taxes will be collected from the recipient by DPD UK through a special customer portal. DPD UK or the HMRC customs agency (if the consignee has the special HMRC account for deferred VAT payment in the UK) will send an e-mail to the consignee for the collection of customs duties (therefore it is mandatory to collect the consignee's e-mail for each package in Great Britain).

10. After payment of all taxes and duties, the package will be cleared and placed on the delivery network to the warehouse of destination in the United Kingdom. If taxes and duties are not paide within 10 days from the date of collection, the package will be returned to the sender with the same DPD awb.

11. The type of Incoterm for the customs processing of parcels is DAP (Delivery to address).

12. The UK Collection Request service is not available.

13. It is extremely important and mandatory to write and enter the correct e-mail address of the recipient for each shipment to the UK in the SLD system and also in the package invoice.

Christmas, one of the symbols of Christmas

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There are many symbols of Christmas, each with its own story. One of the most beautiful, however, is Christmas. Also called Poinsettia , this flower manages to provide a splash of color in the winter landscape and is the subject of many myths and legends.